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Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions of Use (“Conditions of Use”) shall constitute lawful agreement in relation to procedure and requirements of use of feature and/or service (“Service”) of HEALTHDOC Platform (“Platform”) between the User (“You”) and Platform administrator, namely HEALTHBRIDGE PTE LTD (“We”). By downloading and/or installing and/or using the Platform and/or enjoying Our Service, You agree that You have read, understood, comprehended, accepted and agreed with all information, Terms and conditions of use of Platform as contained in these Conditions of Use

If You disagree with one of the part, or all of the contents as contained in these Conditions of Use and this Privacy Policy, please delete the Platform in Your electronic device and/or do not access the Platform and/or do not use Our Service. Please also note that these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy shall be subject to renewal from time to time.


a.  Platform is an application (Android or iOS version), web application (application that can be accessed using web), website managed by Us as renewed from time to time.

b.  Internet connection will be needed in order to be able to use Service and the fee relating to the use of the internet connection shall be fully borne by You.

c.  Platform will function as the facility to connect You and any third party that provides the service or sells product to You such as (but without limitation to) doctor, psychologist, veterinarian, pharmacy, laboratory, and/or delivery service (“Service Provider”).

d.  Type of service that can be used through Platform shall be as follows:

(i)  Consult with Doctor

(ii)  Track My Health

(iii)  Connect to Fitbit

(iv)  Other service that we can add on from time to time (“Service”).

e.  Web application is a feature functioning as Your facility to access some of Our Services without downloading the Application (“Web Application”).

f.  This Platform is a facility to facilitate search for Service where we are in cooperation with the health service provider, pharmaceutical service provider or delivery service provider.>

g.  We can use the service of third party in relation to payment service provision. In case of any failure in the payment system, We will exert our best to help resolving any problem which may arise. The banking/payment service provider so selected by You can impose additional fee against You for the service rendered.

h.  The Platform enables You to send a request for a certain Service to the Service Provider. The Service Provider has its own policy and full authority to accept or refuse Your request for Service. If the Service Provider accepts Your request, the Platform will notify You and give information regarding the Service Provider, including order number and capacity to contact the Service Provider via telephone.

i.  Every feature or facility in the Platform can be renewed or changed according to the need and development of Platform.

j.  You can give information regarding personal data and medical history, and We will keep and display it in your account. The confidentiality of Your data is secured and will be used by Us and/or Service Provider for the need of interaction with doctor and/or the need for order of medicines as well as any other services which are rendered within the Platform that You agree with according to the prevailing legislation and Privacy Policy.

k.  By using the Platform, You understand and agree that the conversation via the feature of video call, voice call or chat shall be recorded & kept automatically and archived for legal purpose and improvement of service quality. The confidentiality of Your conversation will be secured and the information will not be disseminated.

l.  You understand and agree that Your conversation with Our customer service will be kept automatically and archived for legal purpose and improvement of service quality. The confidentiality of Your conversation will be secured and information will not be disseminated.

m.  You understand and agree that Your communication with the health service facility connected through phone number at Our website will be recorded and kept automatically and archived for legal purpose and improvement of service quality. The confidentiality of Your conversation will be secured and information will not be disseminated.

n. We can stop or limit the registration process or the use of Platform by You if there is any violation against these Conditions of Use or the prevailing legislation.


a.  You represent and warrant that You are an individual having the rights to enter into an agreement which is binding based on the Laws of the Republic of Singapore and that Your age is at least 21 (twenty one) years old or single and not existing under trust or custody. If You are under 21 (twenty one) years old and single, You represent and warrant that You have obtained permission from Your parent or legal guardian, unless stated otherwise by You. By giving approval, Your parent or legal guardian agree to be responsible for

(i)  all of Your acts in relation to access to and use of Platform and/or Service;

(ii)  any fee in relation to Your use of Service whatsoever; and

(iii)  Your compliance with this Terms and Conditions. We can close or cancel Your account if Your representation and warranty is not true. You further represent and warrant that You have the right, authority and capacity to use the Service and shall always comply with the Conditions of Use. If You register in favour of a legal entity, You also declare that You are authorised to act for and on behalf of the said legal entity and to enter into and bind the legal entity/entity to the Conditions of Use of Platform.

b.  You can use all features at the Platform by first making registration followed by giving information regarding Your personal data which is legally accountable as required at the Platform (“Personal Data”). The information which is related to Personal Data as already given will only be used by Us and/or Service Provider for provision of services at the Platform and for any other purposes that You have agreed according to the prevailing legislation. Privacy Policy as attached (as renewed from time to time) shall become the integral part of these Conditions of Use.

c.  After making registration at the Platform, You will obtain a certain personal account that can be accessed by One Time Password (OTP) that shall be sent to Your cellular phone number. We hope You will not assign, transfer nor give authority to the other person to use Your identity nor Your account. You will be required to keep confidential Your account password and every identification that We give to You on Your account or Personal Data. In case of any disclosure of Your password occurring not due to Our mistake, in any way whatsoever causing unlawful and unauthorized use over the account or You, transaction or order of Service made through the Platform are still be considered as lawful transaction unless if You have notified Us regarding the said matter before the Service Provider renders the Service as requested.

d.  You will be responsible for every use of Your Account at the Platform. If You have no control over Your account due to any reason whatsoever, then You will be required to report the same to Us. In case of misuse of Your account by the other person prior to the said reporting, then the use of the account at the said period will be Your responsibility.

e.  You shall not be allowed to endanger, misuse, change or modify the Platform in any way whatsoever. We can close or cancel Your account and prohibit You from using the Platform any longer if You do not comply with these Conditions of Use.

f.  By using the Platform, then You understand, agree and comply in accordance with those as required at Our Privacy Policy as effective from time to time.

g.  You will use the Platform only for purpose of obtaining Service and will not misuse nor use the Platform for any activities which are in contravention of the law, including but without limitation to criminal act of money laundering, thievery, embezzlement, terrorism or deception. You also agree that You will not place fake orders through the Platform and will not take any unlawful act through the Platform.

h.  By giving information to Us, You confirm that You agree that information You give will be used by Us and Service Provider solely for the purpose of serving you and your intended requirement.

i.  You know and agree that every information in any form whatsoever, including but without limitation to video, audio, picture or inscription existing at the Platform have the intellectual property right (including but without limitation to the right of brand and copyright) respectively. You will not be allowed to use, change, facilitate, spread and/or damage the right over the intellectual property right without permission from the owner of the right over intellectual property right as set out in the prevailing legislation.

j.  When accessing and using the Platform including every feature and its service, You shall not be allowed to:

(i)  transferring Your account at the Platform to the other party without prior approval from Us.

(ii)  spreading virus, spam or any other technology of the like that can damage and/or harm the Platform and any other user of Platform.

(iii)  installing or removing features at the Platform without approval from Us.

(iv) placing any information or any other application which is violating the intellectual property right of the other party at the Platform.

(v)  taking or collecting personal data from other Platforms, including but without limitation to email address without approval from such users.

(vi)  using the Platform for anything which is prohibited based on the prevailing law and legislation.

k.  You acknowledge and agree that the Service rate as contained in the Platform shall be subject to change.

l.  All health articles that We display are used to educate the user and not constitute a substitute for the suggestion, diagnosis or medical treatment from Our partner doctor service.

m.  All information of medicines that We display is general information in nature according to that as contained in the packing of the medicines.

n.  Platform has a link with the sites which are operated by the third party. The said link is available for Your convenience and should only be used to provide access to the site of the third party and not for the other purposes. The quality, content or information of Product or service shall be made available by the site operated by a third party.

Personal Data 

1.  In using the Platform or any services provided by us, HealthDoc will need to collect your personal data in order to provide you with Our Services or Healthcare Products. In providing us with your personal data, you consent to our collection, use, processing, and disclosure of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy found at Privacy Policy  

2.  HealthDoc is required to comply with local healthcare privacy and security laws and maintain safeguards to protect the security of your health information. In addition, the information you provide to your Healthcare Provider during a video consultation is legally confidential, except for certain legal exceptions as more fully described in our Privacy Policy. Information relating to your care, including clinical notes and medical records, are stored on secure, encrypted servers maintained by HealthDoc and an external provider that is compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Visitor Data 

You know and agree that the Platform shall collect information regarding the use, such as (but without limitation to) total visit, source of visitor and visitors’ activity. This data is collected by and used by Us with purpose of increasing your satisfaction and Our Service.

1.  We and Service Provider may utilise Your Personal Data for business and operational activities according to purpose for which the Personal Data is given including to:

(i)  Provide information to You and Service Provider according to Your request in relation to Our Service.

(ii) Providing the making of prescription and/or medicines according to Your request in relation to Our Service.

(iii) Developing, increasing and providing the product and service in accordance with Your need.

(iv)  Responding question, comment and input from You.

(v)  Giving information/sending e-mail and/or SMS containing promotion periodically to You if there is a certain offer and/or promotion for new products, special offer, or any other information which You may need.

(vi)  Using and disclosing this information if so needed for medical review, legal service, and audit, consisting of deception and detection of misuse and adjustment program, as well as planning and business management.

2.  We ensure that the data and information which are given by You shall be confidential in nature and shall not be disseminated except for anything You have described and agreed in the Privacy Policy. For prevention of unauthorized access, We take physical, electronic and managerial procedural acts to protect Your information.

3.  Your health information shall only be used in relation to Platform service and anything You have described and agreed in this Privacy Policy and We shall only collect information which is needed to run service in the Platform.

Feature of Consult with Doctor

(i)  You shall be subject to charge at a certain amount in order to be able to use the service of Consult with Doctor. If You need the video call or voice call with Our partner doctor, You need to first inform the partner doctor and will depend on availability of each doctor upon contacting.

(ii)  Your balance shall be deducted directly as displayed on the chat or telephone screen when connected to the doctor, clinical psychologist/ psychologist.

(iii)  After completion of the Chat session with Doctor, the doctor may give Doctor Notes and Medicine Recommendation. The Doctor Notes shall be the notes of the chat session with the Doctor and suggestions relating to Your medical condition. Medicine Recommendation shall be recommendations containing medicine suggestion or health handling for You. Medicine Recommendation is only recommendation or suggestion in nature.

(iv)  Doctor may follow up with you to check Your health condition after the Chat session when Doctor appointment is already made.

(v)  The transaction cannot be cancelled after ending or completion of Chat session with the Doctor. (vi)  We can block or cancel Your account in case of misuse of the feature of Consult with Doctor in Your account.

(vii)  The doctor may give Doctor Referral as with your reference.

(viii)  The fee imposed is inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). (ix) Appropriateness and accuracy of Doctor in giving Medicine Recommendation (Medicine Recommendation) will depend on information which is given by You. Every content and/or statements in the conversation made by You and Doctor shall use feature of video call, voice call, chat, Doctor Notes, Medicine Recommendation, in the Platform, that is the personal conversation and interaction between You and partner Doctor as health service provider

Security and Encryption

1.  All data passed through video communication is encrypted. We are not responsible for any data breaches that occur on your end, eg. existing virus on your own device or conducting telemedicine in a non-private location.

2,  We will offer all documents to be sent with encryption unless you have given us permission to send unencrypted details through email. A password to decrypt these documents will be sent to you by SMS.

3.  Our doctor will ask you if MC is to be sent with or without encryption at the end of the consultation. If your email already comes with TLS encryption, our doctor may send the file directly without the need to unlock using a password.

4.  We reserve the right not to email certain unencrypted documents where there is suspicion of potential data breaches.

Law And Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Singapore. The Parties shall attempt in good faith to resolve promptly any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement through amicable negotiations (which shall be commenced by either party giving written notice to the other). In the event that such dispute cannot be resolved by amicable negotiations within thirty (30) days of either party giving written notice to the other party that a dispute has arisen, the dispute shall be submitted by either party for resolution by the courts of Singapore which courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


If you have any questions on this Agreement, our policies or FAQs, or if you have any difficulties with the Website and/or Application or payment, please contact us at